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  7. forever:

    so did we ever stop kony

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  8. Color Meme: 11 + winter colors || asked by anonymous

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  10. Imagine Harry Potter was set in Australia.


    “Three blokes sitting outside the pub lift their heads as they hear a car engine rumbling, to their disbelief, the iconic 2008 Holden ute flies overhead, nothing but the wooping of the two young boys driving it and AC/DC blasting out of the sound system can be heard.”

    “You’re a cunt Harry” says Hagrid, Harry looking like a stunned mullet.
    “Oi nah fuck off mate” replies Harry, disbelief written all over him. 

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  13. trendingly:

    Starbucks we’re on to you

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  14. awwww-cute:

    I reached my hand out with the intention of petting her, and what I got was the most adorable handshake I’ve ever received

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